Slack Bridges

Sunday August 22 @ 7:00pm at LIVE! on Elgin

OLG Free the Jazz

Reservations Required
Please contact Jon Evenchick ( to reserve a table (7 tables, 5 persons per table)

Matt Gilmour - Lead vocals
Garett Barr - bass guitar
Chris Elms - electric guitar
Kim Jackson - keyboards
Matt Godin - drums, percussion
Julian Selody - alto saxophone
Laurel Ralston - trumpet

A group of friends with a mutual adoration for soulful music formed the band in 2015.. Their sophomore album, 'Lindenlea to Ledbury' was released last September 2020, but still feels fresh and exciting to the members, who have yet to perform these songs live. Featuring a full brass and strings section, the album has a live feel and a huge sound, vibing on modern artists like Anderson Paak and Gregory Porter, while paying tribute to the masters like Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder and A Tribe Called Quest. The group is elated to return with their first post-pandemic performance at the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival!