Sonoluminescence Trio

Discovery Series

Tuesday June 27 @ 8pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A


David Mott - saxophone
William Parker - bass
Jesse Stewart - percussion

Carleton University music professor and extraordinary percussionist Jesse Stewart is obsessed with how sound interacts with the world, so the name of the trio he shares with baritone saxophonist David Mott and bassist William Parker is a perfect fit. “Sonoluminescence” is the process by which light is produced when sound waves pass through liquid. Generating light with their instruments is second nature to all three musicians—each of whom has a long and varied history in improvised music. Chicago native Mott, a frequent collaborator with Ottawans John Geggie and Roddy Ellias, led the music program at York University for years. Parker is widely recognized as one of the most important voices on his instrument. Stewart is a boundless artist in both the visual arts and music, and has launched numerous sonic adventures since moving to Ottawa from Guelph. Together, they form one of the most adventurous trios in contemporary jazz and improvised music.