Tenacity Collage – Hymn to Freedom

Sunday June 28 @ 7:00pm at Live Stream


Laura Seaborn - vocals

Garret Warner - guitar

Angelique Francis - vocals

Kharincia Francis - vocals

Kira Francis - vocals

Michel Delage - drums

Garry Elliott - guitar

Chris Pond - bass

Mike Tremblay - tenor saxophone

Pierre Chrétien - piano

Megan Jerome - vocals

Linsey Wellman - baritone saxophone

Keith Hartshorn-Walton - tuba

Melanie Hartshorn-Walton - vocals

Tim Bedner - guitar

Elise Letourneau - vocals

Mike Essoudry - drums

Norman Glaude - harmonica

Mackenzie Di Millo - vocals

Steve Berndt - trombone

Miguel de Armas - piano

Miguel de Armas Jr - piano

Scott Warren - electronics

Peter Hum - piano

Wayne Eagles - guitar

Dave Renaud - tenor saxophone

Don Cummings - Hammond Organ

Alex Moxon - guitar

Sam Cousineau - alto saxophone

Fred Paci - trumpet

Jeff Asselin - drums

Claire Devlin - tenor saxophone

Rob Frayne - tenor saxophone

Martine Courage - vocals

Karen Donnelly - trumpet

John Geggie - bass

Rory Magill - xylophone / percussion

Robbie Rigg - guitar

Fred Donkor - vocals

In 1962, Canada’s legendary jazz pianist and composer, Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, wrote the iconic “Hymn to Freedom,” which the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame declared is “embraced by people over the world as the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement.” In this inspiring and very personal project, the Festival’s Programming Manager Petr Cancura, has curated 38 musicians—a veritable who’s who of Ottawa’s finest performers—to perform and record themselves playing this piece in the same tempo and key. The final audio has been edited into one final compilation and a video has been produced to combine the recordings of the individual artists.

Animation & Video collaboration by Natalie Nehlawi, Sarah Jasmine Hodgson and Darryl Lahteenmaa

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