The Commotions

Friday August 20 @ 5:00pm at Confederation Park Stage

OLG Free the Jazz

Mask Policy

Please note that masks will be required at all times in Confederation Park.

This is to follow provincial health guidelines in regards to Covid-19.

Rebecca Noelle - vocals
Jeff Rogers - vocals
Mackenzie Di Millo - vocals
Jeff Asselin - drums
Ken Seeley - bass
Clayton Connell - keys
David Gaw - guitar
Fred Paci - trumpet
Ed Lister - trumpet
Brian Asselin - saxophone

Take a blazing horn section, throw down some bombastic drums, pepper in piano and guitar, then stir in vocals shifting from sweet to soulful to sultry quicker than you can hop onto the dance floor - and you will hop onto the dance floor because that’s a recipe for groove making! Putting the motion in The Commotions are 11 band members including two lead singers and a wild five-piece horn section with a mighty dose of trumpets and sax. This group is ready to command crowds with brassy beats and smooth ballad treats, all about bringing back the spirit of those super Soul sounds of the 70s and the Motown rhythms that once had them dancing in the streets. They’ve brought the funky groove to festivals, television and two smokin’ studio albums, and ready to drop a blazing hot third release in 2021. If The Commotions are spinning on your sound system or hitting a stage near you, that bygone beat is moving to the forefront of your feet and a party is about to erupt. You can bank on it!