The Russell Malone Quartet

Masters Series

Saturday June 23 @ 7:00pm, First Baptist Church


Russell Malone (guitar)
Rick Germanson (piano)
Luke Sellick (bass)
Willie Jones lll (drums)

Russell Malone, one of the signature guitar players of his generation, has performed with a huge range of diverse artists from B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Andy Williams, James “Blood” Ulmer, and Ornette Coleman. A master of all tempos and a relentless swinger, he spins his stories- in idioms ranging from the urban and downhome blues, country, gospel, various corners of the American Songbook, and hardcore jazz- with a soulful, instantly recognizable instrumental voice. “There was a period where I wanted validation, felt I needed to do certain things in order to get people’s approval,” Malone says. “I lacked the confidence to speak with the voice that was in me. But at some point, you have to accept who you are. No one will ever out-do me at being Russell Malone.” Malone’s latest recording is ‘All About Melody’ on High Note Records.