Tin Men and the Telephone present the GREATEST show

Saturday June 20 @ 5:00pm at Live Stream


Tony Roe - piano

Jamie Peet - drums

The Dutch collective Tin Men and The Telephone might be the ideal band for a global lockdown. After all, the trio specializes in incorporating audience feedback into its performances through a bespoke app called Tinmendo. For this Tenacity performance, it’s almost business as usual, except of course the audience is locked down too. So, you’re invited to download Tinmendo from the App Store or Google Play, and help shape this very special performance by band members Tony Roe and Jamie Peet that might well have been designed specifically for these times.

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How to Prepare for the Show

Dear Passenger, we soon will be inviting you to board “the spacecraft.” This is a live interactive show that takes place inside of a Zoom call. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedure for the most comfortable flight:

1. Download the Tinmendo App on your smartphone (IOS or Android).
2. Make sure you’re connected to the internet.
3. Connect to the Zoom meeting on your computer. The Zoom link will be posted in the description of the livestream 30 mins before the show. A big screen or TV is recommended. As this is where you will watch the show.
4. In Zoom, set the screen to speaker view (at specific moments we might ask you to switch to gallery view). If you're up for it, turn on your webcam and change your Virtual Background using the one of the images at the link below so that you can be "on the spacecraft."
Download Zoom background images - Seat front view 1 or Seat front view 2
5. Listen on quality headphones or speakers for the best experience
6. Grab yourself a nice drink and a comfortable chair.

Important: Please note that the band won’t be checking the Zoom chat window themselves during the flight. However, our flight attendant will be available in chat to assist your every need should you experience technical problems or suffer from turbulence.

As a passenger on this flight, you will be able to influence the show by using Tinmendo, our smartphone app by shaking, voting, swiping, and making beats and melodies, we ask you for input which will form the departure point for musical improvisation. Each show thereby results in a one-of-a-kind experience.
The Tinmendo app is available for both IOS and Android and can be downloaded here.

About the Artists

Tony Roe:

A pupil of Rian de Waal, Roe studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Driven by a strong interest in music technology and electronics he enrolled at the School of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University and joined classes in Music Technology at Utrecht School of the Arts. In 2009 Tony took the initiative to establish Tin Men and the Telephone for which he composes most of the music and develops interactive visuals and software. In recent years, Tony has performed and toured with Tin Men and the Telephone, as well as several other ensembles and bands.

Jamie Peet:

Drummer Jamie Peet lives in Egmond (on the Dutch coast). He started playing the drums by the age of 5. His playing can be disrcibed as very expressive and highly interactive. He has performed with Kris Bowers, Gregory Porter, Ramon Valle, Lars Dietrich, Tineke Postma, Dominic J Marshall, Ernst Glerum, Pete Philly among others.