Club Series

Thursday June 22 @ 10pm, Mercury Lounge

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Phil Motion - drums/vocals
Marc Decho - bass
Greg Paul Stone - guitar
RayDre Murray - tenor saxophone
Ed Lister - trumpet

This hard-hitter rhythm section’s raw and relentless percussive pulse and fiery horns stoke the coals for an in-your-face vocal in English, Spanish and Portuguese to ultimately bring you a 5-piece mash-up of the most obscure subgenre crossovers of Latin, Caribbean and African inspired dance music.

From the styles of Colombia’s merecumbé, Brazil’s sambafunk, and the amalgam of pan-Latin styles of 1960-70s Panama. Well into more modern day incarnations of sweaty 80s-inspired Latin and African disco dancefloor grooves, Tropikombo offers up a sound that is characterized by its vibrant diversity, its inclusivity and its willingness to embrace change, sharing this music and message with a world increasingly in need.


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