Creative Process and New Technologies

Technology in the digital age has had a significant impact on the production of creative music both in the form of new-found sounds and interactive software and in the enhancement of acoustic music and its approach. This panel discussed the interaction of technology and creative music: what does the creative process look like in the current age of technology? What is the role of technology in the context of producing authentic creative music? What is the creative role of technology in acoustic music?


Mats Gustafsson – Nickelsdorf, Austria

Born in Umeå, Sweden. Living in Nickelsdorf, Austria. The solo artist, saxophone player, improviser and composer reveals international tours and projects with FIRE! Gustafsson collaborates with contemporary dance, theatre, art, poetry as well as projects with noise, electronica, contemporary rock and free jazz.

Colin Stetson – Montreal, QC

Reshaping people’s ideas of what a bass saxophone can sound like, and how it can be played. Stetson utilizes every aspect of his instrument including singing while playing the saxophone. His circular breathing technique allows him to continuously play without pausing for a whole set, blending his vocals and throat percussion melodies, he is a one-man orchestra. Colin has collaborated with everyone from Tom Waits to Arcade Fire and composed Netflix original soundtracks.

Tony Roe – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tony Roe is part of Tin Men and the Telephone a group that has made a name for themselves with their cutting edge use of technology and multimedia, as well as their unique interactive performances, in which the audience participates via their self-developed smartphone app Tinmendo. Tin Men have been collaborating with some of the leading figures of London’s immersive theatre scene to bring Furie to the stage and push the interactivity even further.

Elizabeth Shepherd – Montreal, QC

Pianist Elizabeth Shepherd arrived on the international scene in 2006 when her debut album “Start To Move” voted one of the top jazz albums of the year by the listeners of the influential Gilles Peterson Show on BBC Radio Worldwide. Since then, the Montreal-based soul-jazz innovator has established herself as one of the most alluring and imaginative artists on the scene today.

Moderator: Remco Volmer – Ottawa, ON

Remco Volmer is the managing director of Artengine, Ottawa's lab for creative technology. As cultural producer, he has organized concerts, exhibitions and festivals, including the Electric Fields festival of electronic art. His work explores new cultural perspectives in the face of complex technological, ecological and social change.