FET.NAT – Special Project Winner

The Ottawa Jazz Festival is proud to support cutting edge, original music from Ottawa. It is for this reason we have started the Special Project. The idea is not only to present great local talent but to challenge our artists to come up with something new, something out of the ordinary… something inspired!

Well, we got an overwhelming amount of responses. A lot of artists came to us with great ideas. Although it was difficult to pick just one project, what stood out about this project was the fresh approach to music and improvising. FET.NAT is made up of some of the most creative and hence under rated musicians that Ottawa-Hull has to offer: JFno on vocals, Linsey Wellman on saxophones, Olivier Fairfield on drums & synth, and Pierre-Luc Clement on guitar and samples.

I think this group deserves attention on its own as an innovative improvising group that is not afraid of anything, but what the group came to us with seemed like something very interesting! FET.NAT will be accompanied by a choir that will be integrated into the group and the music. Given the group’s track record, I did not doubt that this will be a well thought out endeavor and I for one, cannot wait to see this show. They play Winter Jazz Fest on Saturday February 7, 5:00pm, at the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage.

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