Impact of Streaming

Changing revenue streams for artists

The most significant change brought about by the Digital age in the context of creative music is the change in the revenue streams for artists as well as the industry. Music has become more readily available for audiences all around the world. Although this opens artists to the potential of new audiences, streaming has had a significant impact on the sales of music. This is especially relevant to the niche market of creative music which in the old model could rely on the sales of physical product for revenue. In the new model these niche markets face the challenge of finding new revenue streams and navigate the ever changing world of digital distribution.


Allison Au – Toronto, ON

Award winning Toronto-based alto saxophonist Allison Au is a rising force as an improviser, composer and bandleader. Since assembling her quartet a decade ago she’s steadily gained recognition with a welcoming, interactive group sound inspired by post-bop idioms, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, pop music forms and R&B cadences.

Kodi Hutchinson – Calgary, AB

One of the most active musicians in Western Canada, double bassist Kodi Hutchinson is a man who wears many hats. As well as running his own award-winning musical group the Hutchinson Andrew Trio, CKUA radio show "A Time For Jazz", record label Chronograph Records and the JazzYYC Calgary Jazz Festivals, Kodi is a sought-after sideman on both double bass and electric bass.

Rosie Monday – Toronto, ON

Rosemary Adjoa Marfo (Rosie Monday) received her name Adjoa - her Ghanaian parents’ cultural appreciation for their ‘Monday-born’ child - she continues to embody the free-spirited and bold energies these namesakes are said to inherit. Rosie’s music is an electric experience, with thumping bass-heavy beats and commanding lyrics. Her debut EP, Love Over Likes, explores the social gap between physical and digital realities in 2020.

Jason Bissessar – Montreal, QC

Jason is the label manager at Bonsound. He was a booker at Montreal venue Les Foufounes Electriques in his early 20s and started out by running his own punk label when he was 17 called New Romance for Kids.

Moderator: Andrew Hamlin – Ottawa, ON

Andrew is immersed in today’s Digital Economy market providing end-user solutions for companies in the media, entertainment and communications industries that are looking to transform their business and customer experience. He has been involved with the Ottawa Jazz festival since 1991, playing roles in the governance, operations and production of the festival event.