Beau’s After Dark Ale, Specially Brewed for TD Ottawa Jazz Festival



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TD Ottawa Jazz Festival Q&A with Beau’s brewmaster, Matthew O’Hara

BoVkeInIQAE_bpP 1. Hey, Brewmaster! Introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Matthew O’Hara.

2. Is that you in this picture? (The one up top from social media.)

Looks familiar…

3. So who came up with this After Dark Ale idea anyway?

The recipe was developed by myself and our team of talented, creative brewers.

4. What makes it so, uh, “dark”?

The chocolate malt we use in it imparts the most colour. It’s a type of highly kilned barley malt.

5. What does it taste like?

A luscious brown ale with intense citrusy/piney hop notes.

6. When you say citrus and piney notes – do you mean that? Will it taste like sangria and a camping trip?

I do mean it. No, it won’t taste like sangria or a camping trip unless things go horribly wrong.

7. Where will people find this ale? Will it be poured on site? 

On draught At TD Ottawa Jazz Festival’s Laurier Avenue Canadian Music Stage.

8.  What’s the best way to enjoy a dark ale to get the maximum flavour experience (MFE)?

For After Dark Ale, one should be wearing sunglasses after sundown and soaking up the smooth sounds that TD Ottawa Jazz Festival has to offer.

9. Custom ale, that’s cool. Do you do that for everyone? Can you do one for my parents’ wedding anniversary? My grandpa’s birthday? My next house party?

No. Uh uh. Negatory. Don’t hold your breath. 

10. What food would you pair this ale with? There will be a number of street food vendors on site – do you have recommendations? Or is beer like a pair of jeans – it kind of goes with everything.

I recommend pairing After Dark with spicy food offerings or chocolate-type desserts.