Colin Stetson: His Own Style

There is a reason that David Byrne, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and Tom Waits have employed Colin Stetson.

He has come up with his own way of playing the saxophone. This is not easy to do in a world where you would think just about everything has already been done.

Seeing him play solo is an incredible experience. He plays a bass saxophone. That alone is worth seeing—this thing is a beast, almost as tall as a man itself. 

Then he circular breathes with it. This means that you play a note and breathe in through your nose while breathing out from your mouth. 

The result is an ongoing stream of air. The amount of air it takes to play a bass saxophone makes this the equivalent of running a marathon. 

If this wasn’t enough, Colin straps a microphone to his throat and sings into it—all the while the circular breathing is going on.

Check it out: