Pianist Jean-Michel Pilc Plays the NAC on Feb 7

PetrPetr Cancura
Published on February 6, 2015, 12:21pm
Jean-Michel Pilc Trio

Jean-Michel Pilc Trio plays Saturday night, Feb 7th, at 7pm at the National Arts Centre’s Fourth Stage

Jean-Michel Pilc – piano
Or Bareket – bass
Jerad Lippi – drums

Pianist and Guggenheim Fellow Jean-Michel Pilc (jeanmichelpilc.com) has become involved in the world of Jazz education in his JazzHeaven.com series where he helps intermediate and advanced students transcend from the world of practice to music making. He was Harry Belanfonte’s pianist and musical director, and has played with everyone from Michael Brecker and David Liebman to Richard Bona. I love what he does because it is informed by all the great piano traditions from romantic piano music, to Thelonious Monk to Cecil Taylor. Pilc is always searching, and this weekend we’ll get to hear him in a trio, where he really shines.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmAxiwJkXr0&list=PL8EBE3079479E40BC#t=42

On bass, Pilc has decided to team up with 2011 International Society of Bassists Jazz Competition winner Or Bareket (orbareket.com). From Israel, Or is a regular on the NY scene playing with the best of them! And on drums, Jean-Michel Pilc chose fireball Jerad Lippi. I love when musicians have a wide variety of influences and you might be surprised by Jerad’s direction, considering he is on a piano trio gig here, but I personally can’t wait to hear this trio and how Jerad’s energy will come into play.