Megan Jerome’s New Band

PetrPetr Cancura
Published on January 30, 2015, 11:29am
Some of my favorite musicians in town all in one band!

Megan Jerome opens the TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Fest on Feb 6th, 5pm, at the NAC’s Fourth Stage

I always value a sincere search for artistic authenticity and I think not only does Megan herself embody that, she has picked a band that could be the poster child for authenticity.

Megan wears her heart on her sleeve when she sings but is not afraid to look you in the eyes as she does it. Her songs, her lyrics and her performance tell stories that draw you in. She has an ability to connect to the audience and make you a part of it.

Megan has put together a brand new band with new songs and a whole new feel. Check out her video for a sneak peek of her upcoming album.

Now on to the rest of her band, and what a band it is!

Mike Essoudry, Megan’s husband has been searching for his sound ever since I’ve known him, and this comment to me is a compliment… some of my favorite people in the world are still trying to figure out what they are doing – which is why they are great. Mike has explored rock, jazz, soul, African music, klezmer and most recently was the leader of the Mash Potato Mashers, the awesome marching band that made a number of records and toured Canadian jazz festivals. All this searching just adds layers and depth! Check out the Mash Potato Mashers video:

Don Cummings is a laid back glacial geologist and a super bad B3 organ player… I am not sure which is more impressive. He is one of those people that you want to spend a lot of time around and he is one of those musicians you want to play with all night long, because he makes everything and everyone sound good – need I say more?

Fred Guignon, whom I know mostly by sound and reputation (and who I also keep wanting to get to know better) rounds out the group beautifully. He is known in the folk and blues circles as the soulful, tasty guitarist who seems to pick all the right notes.

Megan Jerome will be launching her new album on Thursday May 14th at the NAC’s Fourth Stage at 7:30pm.


Megan Jerome Band