No Problemo, Three Amigos: We’re open for business today!

jazz_wynton_marsalis ottawaDespite the ongoing transit issues thanks to construction, sinkholes and a visit from the distinguished heads of state to the south, all of our programming today is proceeding as planned!

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis take the main stage at 8:30pm today, supported by unique English multi-instrumentalist Gwyneth Herbert on 7:30pm on the Tartan Homes Stage in Marion Dewar Plaza and Grammy-winning former Prince-protege Judith Hill at OLG After Dark (also Marion Dewar Plaza) at 10:30pm!

In the NAC, John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet at the NAC Back Stage at 6pm and virtuoso guitarist Charlie Hunter Trio.

A heads up on getting downtown this evening.

If you draw a line on the map from the National Gallery on Sussex, along Mackenzie King Bridge, across Rideau/Wellington and down the canal on Colonel By Drive to Bronson, and on Bronson out along the airport parkway to the airport – not only are those roads closed, but ALL roads CROSSING that route are closed – except for the Queensway. That includes bridges OVER the route (e.g. Hunt Club, Bank Street at the canal) or places where the route goes OVER the street (e.g. Walkley, Heron Road, Riverside Dr.) The ONLY way to get from east of that route between approximately 4:00PM – 8:00PM is on the Queensway. Anyone trying to get to the Festival this evening from east of that line will be blocked except for the Queensway.

Off the Queensway you have to take Bronson (Metcalfe is cut off) and then head downtown and come at the park from the east (but south of Albert). Leave extra time!