Ottawa Jazz Festival Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020 takes place Jan 21

We invite OJF Members to register for the Annual General Meeting that will take place on Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 6 to 7pm (EST) via Zoom teleconference. Registration to attend is open now until Friday, January 15, 2021 on the Eventbrite platform. You must register to “virtually” attend the AGM. Only those who register will receive a link to attend the meeting.
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The Zoom meeting credentials along with the AGM Package Booklet and Draft Financial Statements will be shared with registered participants on the day of the AGM.

OJF Board of Directors and staff need not register via Eventbrite.

View the Nomination and Proxy forms.

*The Festival has two categories of members – Voting and Non-Voting. Voting members are limited to those who have actively volunteered at the previous festival. Since the 2020 summer festival was cancelled due to COVID-19, volunteers from the 2020 Winter Jazz Fest and 2019 summer festival are eligible to vote at the AGM.

Some of you have been inquiring why the Festival’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for January 2021 instead of November 2020, its usual time frame.

In light of the particular circumstances that Covid has created, we made a couple of decisions. One was to host the AGM virtually and the other was to take advantage of an amendment in the Ontario Corporation Act allowing us to host the AGM within 15 months of the date of our last AGM.

The findings were such:

The AGM can take place virtually pursuant to the amendments to the Corporation Act unless there is a provision in the by-laws prohibiting such meetings. As there is nothing in the By-law to that effect, you can proceed with a Virtual meeting

The AGM must take place within 15 months of the last AGM.  As the last AGM took place on November 28, 2019, the next AGM must take place before February 28, 2021.”

Based on the above, we have scheduled the AGM for January 21, 2021. You will have received notice if you are eligible to participate so be sure to RSVP so we can send you a link to the event closer to the date.

Kind regards,
Catherine O’Grady
Executive Producer