Julie Corrigan

Saturday June 25th 12:00 pm @ OLG Stage


There is a feeling that lives inside the music of Julie Corrigan that is timeless and familiar. Her songs feel like they have been a part of your life from the first listen. Her lyrics, carried on the golden thread of a uniquely beautiful vocal delivery, will take you down unexplored backroads on a road trip through the landscapes of love, small-town tales and tell bonfire stories of the big legends that frame the exceptional simplicity of fascinating, everyday life.

COVID Policy

The Ottawa Jazz Festival will align its Covid policy with any government safety regulations whether from civic, provincial, or federal authorities as they arise. At the moment (May 29th), there are no advisories mandating precautions for wearing masks or showing vaccination certificates for any festivals or indoor/outdoor performing arts events.

However, it is our practise to ask patrons, staff, and volunteers to wear masks while attending performances at indoor venues and wearing masks while outdoors in the Park is optional.

In addition, we will be going cashless at all our points of sale this year.

Our concern is everyone’s health and safety, naturally. Please do what’s best for you and makes you feel comfortable, except for masks indoors, you are free to do as you choose.

Catherine O’Grady

Executive Producer

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