Youn Sun Nah

Discovery Series

Tuesday June 27 @ 6pm, La Nouvelle Scène Studio A


Youn Sun Nah - vocals
Jamie Saft - piano/Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes
Clifton Hyde - guitar
Dan Rieser- drums

Unlike many jazz artists, South Korea’s Youn Sun Nah didn’t begin to study the genre until her mid-20s. Up to that time she had studied French literature and worked in the fashion industry. An offer to perform in a Korean theatre production was her introduction to music. But Nah had the DNA to make that relatively late switch: her father is a well-known conductor and her mother is an actress in musical theatre. After studying jazz in Paris, she formed the YSN 5tet in 2001 and released her debut recording, Reflet. Because of her background, Nah is far from the typical jazz vocalist; she does not share any of the usual vocal influences with her contemporaries and she has avoided covering standards. An infrequent visitor to North America, Nah has recently been pursuing duet work with Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius, who also joins her in a quartet with bassist Simon Tailleu and accordionist Vincent Peirani.