Miguel Zenón Quartet at 2017 TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival – debut latest album live in Ottawa day before release date


One of the most groundbreaking and influential saxophonists of our time, multiple Grammy Nominee, SF JAZZ founding member, Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow Miguel Zenón will perform with his killer Miguel Zenón Quartet at the 6th TD Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival on February 9, 9pm at La Nouvelle Scène’s (333 King Edward Ave) Studio A.

Members of the Quartet include powerhouse musicians: Venezuelan pianist Luis Perdomo; Austrian bassist Hans Glawischnig; fellow Puerto Rican drummer Henry Cole as well as Zenón, originally from Puerto Rico. Performing together for more than 15 years, Zenón was inspired to write original music for members of the Quartet matching compositions to their individual playing and personalities.

“In an age where groups hardly stick together, this in itself is a remarkable achievement, and defines the bands exceptional cohesiveness.” – All About Jazz

There latest body of work called Típico (rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by All About Jazz), will be released February 10 but performed here in Ottawa on the 9th by the Quartet. “I was writing music for players who I know very well,” explains Zenón. “The whole point behind Típico is to celebrate our time together as a Quartet, sort of as a personal testament to all the great things that could come from making music with the same individuals for a very long time.”

This is truly a unique opportunity and the Festival was indeed fortunate the renowned group is available.