40th anniversary edition of the
TD Ottawa Jazz Festival is cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival cancelled the 2020 edition when the City of Ottawa announced that it had extended closures on public gatherings until June 30th.

While we stand by this ordinance, it nevertheless has enormous ramifications for so many. To date we have reached out to all the musicians who were scheduled to perform, our sponsors and funders, contractors, the myriad of businesses we associate with, our volunteers and our ticket purchasers (see the detailed instructions below). We are grateful to everyone’s encouragement and will continue to collaborate closely with TD, OLG and our government funders to secure financing for 2021.

Currently, the Festival’s programming team is exploring ideas to provide opportunities for artists and audiences to share in a rich and moving musical experience. We look forward to sharing these plans at the earliest opportunity.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been so personally affected by this pandemic. Please remember to follow the directions of our health officials: stay indoors until further notice and stay safe. We will be there to welcome you when it’s time to gather again to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival in 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, call the office to leave a message at 613-241-2633 or email us at contact@ottawajazzfestival.com.

The TD Ottawa Jazz Team

As a pass holder you are offered three choices for your order:

Convert Order to Charitable Donation

  • You may choose to convert your order into a charitable donation to the festival.
  • To convert your order to a donation please fill out this form HERE.
  • We will issue you a tax receipt for your donation via email.
  • The deadline to choose this option is April 26th, 2020.
  • Your generous donation is going to help us keep the music alive as we look forward to next year’s event full of discovery, community, and musical excellence!

Convert Pass(es) to 2021 Festival Pass(es)

  • You also have the option of converting your current passes into passes for next year’s festival.
  • To choose this option, simply fill out this form HERE and you will be put on a list to have your passes exchanged.
  • The deadline to choose this option is April 26th, 2020

Full order refund

  • We will issue a full refund of your passes, minus the ticket processing fee ($4.00 per pass).
  • Refunds will be automatically processed starting on April 27th if another option has not been selected.
  • You need take no further action to have your refund processed.
  • Customers who purchased online will receive your refund to the credit card used to process your original order.
  • Customers who purchased at our office will be issued a cheque for the amount of your refund. If we don’t have your mailing address on file, we will contact you for it.

We value the generous support of our sponsors throughout the years!

You make the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival possible.

We look forward to 2021 when we can celebrate your continued partnership and thank
each and every one of you, for everything you do to help bring live music to our community.