Insights from the legendary Jerry Granelli

Jerry Granelli performing this past summer at the 2018 TD Ottawa Jazz Festival

With a career spanning 60 years, drummer, artist, Buddhist, and founding member of the Halifax Jazz Festival, the legendary Jerry Granelli has collaborated with some of the most renowned artists of the twentieth century. On Dec. 6, 2018, the master jazz percussionist will perform “Tales of a Charlie Brown Christmas” with the Jerry Granelli Trio.

The Ottawa Jazz Festival (OJF) took the opportunity to delve into some of Jerry’s insights from his vast experience:

OJF – Who is/are the most memorable artist(s) you have performed with during your illustrious career?
JG – hmmm, interesting question. Interesting because I don’t think about that as a who. It has been a long career, I think that I have been so fortunate to share great memorable nights, tours and moments. Some of them I felt inadequate just learning from other great artists I was working with.

OJF – Which is your favourite Peanuts character?
JG – Pigpen, but also Linus.

OJF – Do you have a favourite piece of music from Tales of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?
JG – I think the most consistent song is “Christmas time is here”. But they change from night to night on tour.

OJF – Did you immediately know at the original recording that it would become a classic?
JG – Simple: nobody had a clue, not a hint. We all loved it and had fun doing it. As always we played as honestly and intensely as we could. For the whole story, you have to come to the concert. Tricky huh.?? Learn more Charlie Brown Fun Facts.

OJF – What advice can you offer to aspiring young musicians?
JG – Its very hard out there right now for musicians. For young artists, I would say, follow the music. It will lead you to finding your own voice. Try to help others.

OJF – If you could give your 14-year-old-self life advice, what would it be?
JG – Stand for something. Help others. Follow your passion.

Don’t delay. Tickets are nearly sold out.

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