Pimienta Blanca

  • Karen Rauh - piano
  • Mark Fraser - bass
  • Allyson Rogers - drums
  • Mike Tremblay- saxophone and flute

jeudi juin 30th 12:00 @ OLG Stage


Pimienta Blanca performs a spicy blend of Latin jazz that packs a rhythmic punch! For over a decade, Karen Rauh (piano), Mark Fraser (bass), and Allyson Rogers (drums) have been digging deep into the Latin jazz repertoire, pulling out overlooked gems, and adding their own flavour to Cuban and Brazilian classics. The seasoned players in this Ottawa-based group are regulars at local festivals and thrilled to add saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Mike Tremblay to the line-up this year. The quartet’s high-energy repertoire, innovative arrangements, and infectious grooves have been winning Pimienta Blanca rave reviews and getting audiences out of their seats.